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Our purpose is to build a sustainable lifestyle community for uniquely-abled individuals …READ MORE

The concept of Deep Education attracted the attention of members of a large philanthropic organization because of its humanitarian dimension...READ MORE

Deep Education is connected to life, philosophy, and wisdom. It is valid at all levels of Education from pre-K to 20 and beyond … READ MORE

OuR mission

The Deep Education Institute is a non-partisan, non-religious organization that supports charitable goals such as sustainable living, social agency, respect for the ecosystem as our living environment, deep knowledge and wisdom, value creation, and an ethical philosophy of life. Our goals are benevolent, educational, social, philanthropic, …Read More


Two unique and extraordinary properties combined to offer incredible potential for residents and visitors alike …READ MORE

124.48 acres (52 hectares) have been acquired in Arena, Wisconsin, USA, to build a mini-campus. The land has oak trees and ...READ MORE

A Deep Education Institute will open soon in Marrakesh, MoroccoREAD MORE

Help organize conferences, campaigns, projects, and fundraising

Campaigns may be local, nation wide, or global, and may be done indifferent languages


Gather funds, contribute and support deeper knowledge for humanity


We provide various programs that help students from all over the world 

Testimonies from students, teachers, and international partners

Prospective places for Forthcoming institutes

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We have ambitious plans for granting people opportunities to deepen education and create a better future every day. We are committed to empowering students, professors, researchers and entrepreneurs to create Deep Education Institutes in every country.

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