Who We Are

Our Mission

The Deep Education Institute is a non-partisan, non-religious organization that supports charitable goals such as sustainable living, social agency, respect for the ecosystem as our living environment, deep knowledge and wisdom, value creation, and ethical philosophy of life. Our goals are benevolent, educational, social, philanthropic, humane, and scientific.

Our Strategy

Create Deep Education Institutes in every country

Provide scholarships and grants to deepen Education

Our Goals

Promote economic, scientific, artistic, educational and social growth while respecting natural resources, and support Deep Education for intercultural understanding and international peace;

Support deeper educational goals for humanity;

Create resources and advocacy for deeper goals for educational institutions.

Our Objectives

• Help students learn to work together, make decisions for a harmonious society and serve their communities.
• Support youth through academic and development centers
• Support youth potential to get a deeper education, feel cared for and experience healthy and autonomous learning environments so they can have the chance to achieve their dreams.
• Providing opportunities for new generations to be optimistic, altruist and knowledgeable.
• Serve local communities and the world community in projects for a more humane society.
• Create small campuses accessible to local communities around the planet, this including settings such as small towns and villages, health care, elderly care, etc.
• Provide affordable real estate for the creation and maintenance of small campuses and sites that propose a Deep Approach to Education.


The Corporation has been organized exclusively for nonprofit and educational purposes within the meaning of section 509 (a) (2) tax-exempt institution of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”) or the corresponding provisions of any future federal tax code. 

To download the DUI IRS Tax Exemption, please click here. Deep Uinversity International Inc is doing business in Wisconsin as the Deep Education Institute.

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