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Under the direction of Dr. Yuangshan (Mike) Chuang, President International of The Deep Education Institute, a partnership is being negotiated with Kaohsiung Culture College in Taiwan, King Campus. The Taiwan Office of Deep University is located at 115-1 Chengyen Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung.


Founded by Dr. Inseok Kim, the South Korea Campus will be located at the heart of Seoul Metropolitan City. The rented facility will be equipped with classrooms and seminar rooms for education. The campus aims to build its own headquarter in downtown Seoul.


Dr Jianfang Xiao and Dr. Xiang Long attended the First International Conference for Deep Education in Wisconsin, which impressed them very much. Dr. Shaozhong Liu, a famous scholar, is very interested to join as well. Through discussion they decided to set up a Deep Institute campus and launch its programs in Guilin China for spreading the idea of Deep Education. The team plans to build a unique campus on a small parcel of land over 3 to 5 years.


Campus of Ogijares, Granada Spain has formed a partnership corporation of the Deep Education Institute, Labosfor, a spin-off of the University of Granada, Spain. A municipality offers a few hectares of land and unfinished buildings, for a free rent valid 50 years and renewable once.


Dr. Shirley O’Neill leads the development of the Australian campus. This campus location offers a unique setting that is noted for its multicultural and arts festivals, sea and surf, and creative lifestyles. It is easily accessible by international students and  conducive to those who wish to study in a relaxed and interesting environment that reflects Australian history and culture.   



In Tajikistan, Dr. Umeda Gadabaeva founded the Arkon Language School in 2012, a K-12 School that applies the Principles of Deep Education.  Forthcoming is a Deep Teacher Education Training Institute.


 124.48 acres (52 hectares) were acquired in Arena, Wisconsin, USA, to build the first mini-campus. The land has oak trees and a large river. The campus is centered within Circle City, one of ‘urban constellations’ identified by UW Emeritus Professor Phil Lewis. Urban constellations are formed by connecting cities in a way that minimize impacts on the nation’s resources. Adjacent to the land is a refurbished barn that is used for conferences, courses and faculty training.

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