Our Memberships

In order to support our projects and goals, Deep Education Institute membership is on a calendar-year basis, January 1 through December 31. Dues are owed each January, and are non-refundable.

$25 for a Student Membership

$50 for a Teacher or Professor Membership

$100 for a School Principal or Dean Membership

$800 for a Life Membership

Our Membership’s Benefits

  • Belonging to a network of scholars, researchers, students who understand the depth of the work that you do.
  • Get a reduction on Deep Education training and courses.
  • Get access to shared tools, training resources, and practical advice through our professors.
  • Relationships with well-known scholars in education and leadership.
  • Get access to our newsletters, blogs, international conferences, media and social media.
  • Get information and opportunities to participate in our annual conferences and unique workshops.
  • Be eligible for our prizes and internships.
  • Apply for our grants and scholarships, and executive officer positions.

How to become a member

Apply for membership with a printed form: Please complete DEI Membership form and send it along with your check or credit card details to ftochon@dei.global

Questions about membership may be directed to information@dei.global

Our Life Membership's Members

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