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The KINGS Lions Club

Dr. Ching-Li Lee, Member of the Headquarters’ Board of Trustee of the Lions Clubs International Foundation was named Treasurer because his immense service to humanity.

A few years ago, the KINGS Lions Club (123909) was created in Kaohsiung to open up the Lions Club International to the Academia. It is the first District Club that has only international members from various universities around the world. Traditionally participants in the Lions Club International have been successful business people who want to contribute to philanthropic causes. Opening up to the Academia is opening philanthropic reflection to causes that require a think-tank of academic researchers.  What follows is a brief history of how the Lion’s Club International became interested in and developed a collaborative partnership with Deep University and the Deep Approach to Education promoted by Professor Francois Victor Tochon.

Brief History

Francois Victor Tochon created the website under the umbrella of Poiesis Creations. In Greek philosophy, Poiesis defines the act of creating into being what did not exist before, with a clear intent that takes shape as a ripple on the acting mind, which is conscious energy. The Deep Approach characterizes a concept of education that is connected to life, philosophy, and wisdom. It is valid at all levels of Education from pre-K to 20 and beyond: Deep Education offers open programs co-created by the students who choose the topics, sequence of courses, and professors, as well as the name of their degree.  

This integrated wisdom may enfold in various fields, such as Education, Humanitarian Studies, Sciences for Humanity, Professional Development, English Teaching and World Languages and Cultures, or the Arts. These programs are transdisciplinary. They cross disciplinary boundaries, in close connection with the current needs of our societies, the world and the Earth.

Templates are provided upon which students can create their program. Courses are hybrid in nature, teams act on projects with a local facilitator on the basis of resources and guidance provided online. The concepts of Deep Approach to Language Learning, Deep Education, and Deep University were developed by Dr. Francois Victor Tochon. Dr. Isabelle Druc Tochon, an anthropo-archaeologist,  created the section of the website that presents original videos for “linguacultures” and ceramic sciences learning. Now both are linked to Vimeo channels where some of the videos can be watched.

During his Summer breaks, Francois Victor Tochon started creating online courses on the website, courses that met the purpose of Deep Education. The number of visitors increased. Dr. Tochon then proposed a revolutionary concept of a deeper education institution that would propose academic programs on demand, co-created by the students with a template format. What would become Deep University was born, and its scope is international. In Wisconsin, it is doing business as The Deep Institute, and Deep Education Institute, a tax-exempt Charity.


With a large international group of academic researchers Dr. Tochon created Deep Education Press (DEP) (, DEP publishes deep research work in various fields of knowledge. Its books and eBooks are being published with worldwide diffusion, some are bestsellers and translations are prepared in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.

Soon after its creation, the website and the concepts it proposed attracted the attention of members of the philanthropic organization, the Lions Clubs International (LCI). Created in 1917 in Chicago, LCI has members in 208 countries. Directors of the Lions Club International Foundation invited Prof. Tochon to Taiwan, and then visited his house in Wisconsin.

Creation of the Lions Clubs Foundation in Chicago, Illinois, in 1917

In June of 2014, Dr. Francois Victor Tochon, designer of the concept of Deep Approach, Deep Education and Deep University was awarded the Medal of the 2013-2014 Council Chairperson of the Lions Club International in Taiwan for his contribution to peace and humanity

Prof. Tochon, designer of Deep University, was awarded the Medal of the 2013-2014 Council Chairperson of the Lions Club International in Kaohsiung.

Wing-Kun Tam, 2014 International President of the Lions Clubs International, between Yuangshan Chuang and Francois Victor Tochon

In August 2014 he was invited to the International Headquarters of the Lions Club International in Oak Brook and received the Lions Quest and LCIF Badges of the Lions Clubs International, Illinois, USA, for high contribution to Academic Affairs and Humanity 

On August 12, 2015, Dr. Tochon received an Honor from the 2015-2016 International President Jitsuhiro Yamada of the Lions Club International. The Badge given on behalf of the LCI International President honors Dignity, Harmony and Humanity (Picture 4). 

Honor from the 2015-2016 International President Jitsuhiro Yamada of the Lions Clubs International, awarded by Dr. Ching-Li Lee.

As Prof. Yuangshan Chuang shared at the first International Conference on Deep Education held in Arena, Wisconsin on July 7-9 of 2015, the help of the Lions Club has been most effective in the recent earthquake and after the gas explosion. Earthquake Intervention financed by the Lions Clubs International (Courtesy of Yuangshan Chuang).

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