Partners & Supporters

We work with best-in-class partners who share our deep commitment in building the capacity of local organizations. Our partners provide expertise, local connections, world-class training, content, funding and much more.

We are always looking for educational institutions, companies, NGOs or individuals to partner with us. You can support us by donation or even spreading the word.


Our Partners

“The power of motivation and personalized, deep learning is central to Deep Institute’s raison d’etre. It brings a much needed new education paradigm vital to preparing students for life, study and work in the 21st Century.”

Prof. Shirley O’Neill, Ph.D., University of Southern Queensland (Australia)


“Deep roots allow the tree to have a leafy top. Like the oak, Deep Institute offers the Deep Education to ensure a solid foundation for educators and researchers of tomorrow.”

Prof. Jose Gijon Puerta Ph. D., University of Granada


"Deep Institute is transforming the way knowledge is considered in society, with wisdom, freedom to learn, and self-determination. As the mainstream of the future, Deep Institute will help every student getting a life of real accomplishments and wisdom."

Francois Victor Tochon

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